“Footbrawler” Omega Strikers Out On Nintendo Switch This April

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Odyssey Interactive has confirmed a release date for its free-to-play cross-platform three-on-three “footbrawler” Omega Strikers on Nintendo Switch, news that was shared in this week’s Nintendo Direct presentation.

With full cross-play and cross-progression between Nintendo Switch, PC, the App Store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play for Android devices, the experience has looked to blend “the best parts of modern competitive multiplayer games, weaving in goal-focused objectives, physical fun and knockouts, and character depth and mastery into thrillingly fast-paced matches.”

After millions participated in a PC Open Beta on Steam last year, the developer has looked to implement new elements and features to enhance the multiplayer experience based on its learnings and player feedback that they received.

“The Omega Strikers PC Open Beta was an incredible opportunity for us to understand what did and didn’t resonate with players at scale, and we’re using these learnings to take action to evolve and make meaningful improvements to the game as we head into the full cross-platform launch on April 27,” explains Odyssey Interactive co-founder and game director David Capurro. “Our goal with Omega Strikers is to realize the studio’s vision of providing a competitive game uniquely tailored to the needs of the biggest, most connected generation of players the world has ever seen, and April 27 will really mark the beginning of that vision coming to life.”

The developer has outlined the game’s key features at launch as below:

  • Choose Your Striker: Omega Strikers features a wild and ever-growing roster of diverse and vibrant characters known as Strikers. With 15 Strikers available at launch, each character is hand-crafted by Odyssey from the anime-inspired character art and animations to each of their individual abilities that provide players of all playstyles a multitude of options to take into the arena.
  • Strategy Meets Chaos: Each match in Omega Strikers will play out over the course of three quick rounds. After each round, competitors will have a chance to reset their strategy and upgrade their abilities from a shared resource pool—pick order is determined by each players’ performance in the last round. Teams who work together, adjust to their opponent’s strategy, use their abilities and special Core Flips at the right time during the moment-to-moment chaos will rise as the victors.
  • Evolved Arena: Every arena in Omega Strikers will not only have a different look and vibe, but will change up how the competition unfolds. Arenas are equipped with custom layouts – like back-to-back goals in the center of the arena – and unique environmental obstacles, including hazards and buffs, that will require teams to adapt their strategies to come out on top. Each arena also provides a lens into Omega Strikers’ overarching narrative providing new details on the Strikers, their worlds and backstories.
  • A Signature Style: Influenced by Odyssey’s love of anime culture, fans worldwide have embraced Omega Strikers vibrant roster of Strikers. As players find the characters they like to compete with, they can unlock cosmetic items including skins, emotes, icons and more through the Striker Affinity system. The studio has doubled down on the style of the game by adding more emotes, animated reactions, evolved podium celebrations, an array of new skins, extra functionality to view Striker progression after matches and much more to bring the characters to life and further elevate the player experience.
  • Competitive Spirit: With competition at the center of Omega Strikers, players will be able to queue solo or squad up with friends to compete against others in ranked, unranked, or custom game modes at launch. The launch will also introduce the Rotating Goal Mode (RGM), a new queue aimed at presenting all of the explosive, over the top gameplay of Omega Strikers, but in a much more approachable way to enjoy, learn and lean into the chaotic physics of Omega Strikers. RGM features larger arenas with goals placed at different locations within as the core zips around at lightning speed and other modifications heighten the explosiveness of the matches.
  • Built for Cross-Platform Competition: Omega Strikers features full cross-play and cross-progression support on Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile devices, and other planned consoles (details TBA). No matter the platform a player is competing on, they can pick up where they left off, maintaining their progression, unlocked Strikers and cosmetics, and, most importantly, their spot on the leaderboard.

Omega Strikers will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 27th April 2023.

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