Flashback 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Announced For Nintendo Switch

Flashback 25th Anniversary Nintendo Switch Image

Microïds and Paul Cuisset have announced that Flashback will release on Nintendo Switch, marking the return of the classic action-adventure game.

2142. After escaping from a spaceship, the young scientist Conrad B. Hart wakes on Titan, a colonised moon of the planet Saturn, stripped of his memories. With his enemies and kidnappers having given chase, he must find a way to safely travel back to Earth while warding off the dangers that beset him and uncovering an extra-terrestrial plot that threatens the planet.

The Nintendo Switch release will let you choose between playing the original 1993 gaming experience or Modern mode, which has post-FX graphic filters, completely remastered sound and music, a brand new “Rewind” function, and tutorials.

In celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Super Nintendo version of game, the publisher will release the Flashback 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. This will include a physical copy of the game, a retro cartridge-style metal case, an exclusive numbered metal card, a 24-page retro-style instruction booklet, and a remastered digital soundtrack.

Flashback will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on June 7th, and will be made available at retail across Europe and Australia in the Flashback 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition.

Flashback 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Flashback 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition Image

Flashback 25th Anniversary Teaser Trailer

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