First Wii U reviews emerge

GamesMaster have published the first Wii U reviews, delivering their verdicts for first-party launch titles Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U.

The games publication awarded Nintendo Land an overall score of 86% (Graphics: 90%, Gameplay: 86%, Accessibility: 95%, Lifespan: 82%, Innovation: 92%), commenting “…Luigi’s Haunted Mansion, Animal Crossing Sweet Day and Mario Chase offer up some of the most innovative, raucous and party-fueling fun we’ve ever had with a console.”

Yet, on a negative note, commented that a few of the game’s attractions highlight “some seemingly inherent problems.” Takamaru’s Ninja Challenge was but one example, with the reviewer noting “constant screen misalignment” hampering the experience.

New Super Mario Bros. U sees “incredible tweaks” to the formula, that saw it rewarded with an overall review score of 82% (Graphics: 82%, Gameplay: 85%, Accessibility: 90%, Lifespan: 80%, Innovation: 75%).

The reviewer felt it is easier than New Super Mario Bros. Wii, taking less than seven hours to complete with most of the innovation saved for the latter portion of the game.

“Without wishing to spoil anything, we were surprised, excited, and twinkly-eyed during an excellent finale,” the reviewer writes. “It’s almost as if Nintendo suddenly realised that they were in fact working with a Wii U, with a game-changing GamePad and everything.”

We most certainly can’t wait!

[Thanks Gaming Everything]

Alex Seedhouse
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