Fire Tonight Challenges You To Reconnect In A Burning City

Fire Tonight Screenshot

Way Down Deep and Reptoid Games have shared a gameplay trailer for their narrative puzzler Fire Tonight, which is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Love has blossomed between Maya and Devin. After discovering each other in the big city, Maya’s mixtapes communicate her feelings for Devin through songs that speak louder than normal words. Whereas Devin’s apartment is filled with artifacts that chart the course of their relationship.

When a raging fire sweeps through the town, how far will they go to find each other amidst the chaos? Alternating between each character’s perspective, you must help to reunite the couple in their time of crisis.

That will see you guide Maya through alleys and across rooftops as roads close and the phone lines go dead. You will need to solve light environmental puzzles to overcome obstacles and outwit the police in your efforts to reach Devin’s apartment. Meanwhile, Devin anxiously waits for her arrival, letting you explore his apartment and learn more about their relationship from looking at his belongings.

Fire Tonight will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q2 2021.

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