Fire Emblem: Three Houses English Theme Song And Lyrics Revealed

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Theme Song Screenshot

Nintendo has revealed the English theme song to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, for which we have written out the lyrics to.

In the Nintendo Switch exclusive, there are three noble houses in The Black Eagles, The Blue Lions, and The Golden Deer. These are part of the Officer’s Academy, which is an elite facility that trains students in the ways of weapons, magic, and special skills.

You will play as a professor and must choose one of the three houses to lead their students in grid-based battles with life-or-death stakes.

The houses each have many different students to meet and train, that each has his or her own personality and skills. They will interact with each other at the academy, strengthing their bonds in a way that will see them support each other on the battlefield.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on July 26th.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Theme Song Lyrics

Reach for my hand, I’ll soar away into the dawn, oh, I wish I could stay. Here in cherished halls, in peaceful days I fear the edge of dawn knowing time betrays.

Daylight’s passed through colored glass, in this beloved place. Silver shines, the world dines, a smile on each face.

As choice surrounds, come out of bounds and I can feel them breaking free. For just this moment lost in time, I am finally me.

Yet still I hide, behind this mask that I have become. My blackened heart, scorched by flames of force I can’t run from.

I look to you, like a red rose seeking the sun no matter where it goes. I long to stay, where the light dwells to guard against the cold that I know so well.

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