Fire Emblem Heroes Update Version 2.5.0 Throws You A Thanks For Playing Gift

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Nintendo has released a new update to Fire Emblem Heroes, seeing the mobile strategy game now sat on version 2.5.0.

This introduces changes to the Arena to encourage players to test out their teams, makes playability improvements and delivers even more tweaks beyond that.

Those that started playing from Version 2.4.0 or earlier will also receive a Thanks for Playing Gift, which will reward you with a 4-star Hero Takumi: Wild Card, 20,432 Scarlet Shards, 20,432 Transparent Shards, 13,200 Hero Feathers, 10,216 Azure Shards, 10,216 Verdant Shards, 60 Scarlet Badges, 60 Transparent Badges, 30 Azure Badges and 30 Verdant Badges.

Fire Emblem Heroes Update Version 2.5.0 Patch Notes

Updates to the Arena

The following changes were made to encourage even more players to test their teams in the Arena:

  • The chain bonus will have a max of five consecutive victories instead of a max of seven.
  • You can earn rewards for consecutive victories called Chain Rewards. These rewards, which include Orbs, can be earned once per season.
  • The updated Arena opens on 5/9/18 at 12:00 a.m. Afterwards, seasons will run for the usual period, starting on Tuesday at 12:00 a.m. and ending on Monday at 3:59 p.m.

Tutorial and Playability Improvements

Improvements are being made to help new players ease into Fire Emblem Heroes after just starting out. To celebrate the improvements to the tutorial, Thanks for Playing Gift will be given out to players who started playing from version 2.4.0 and earlier, allowing you to improve your Heroes in the same way as in the new tutorial. Visit the Home screen to pick up your presents.

The Thanks for Playing Gift includes the following:

  • 4-star Hero Takumi: Wild Card
  • A set of materials allowing you to unlock the potential of initial allies to 4-star: 13,200 Hero Feathers and more!

And more updates!

  • Heroes who are defeated in battle will no longer lost the SP and EXP they gained in that battle.
  • The SP and EXP earned in maps that have already been cleared will no longer be reduced by half.
  • Skill description text was revised to be easier to understand and more consistent.
  • New Weapon Skills.
  • New options in Weapon Refinery.
  • Minor improvements to future Tap Battle events.
  • Improvements to Rival Domains.
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