Fire Emblem Heroes Update 3.4.0 Adds Pair Up And Aether Resort Mode

Fire Emblem Heroes Book 3 Screenshot

Nintendo has released a new software update for Fire Emblem Heroes, seeing the mobile strategy game now sat on version 3.4.0.

This has introduced the new Aether Resort mode, presenting the chance to invite Heroes who are allied with you or your friends to enjoy your Aether Keep and let them interact with each other. You will be able to collect R&R Affinity in two ways in this mode, whether visiting your Aether Resort daily or by viewing the weekly special events.

The Pair Up function has also been added, which, for Heroes with the Pair Up ability, lets them deploy with another Hero which will see them boost each other’s stats.

Fire Emblem Heroes Update Version 3.4.0 Patch Notes

  • The new Aether Resort mode has been added, offering new ways to interact with Heroes.
  • The new Pair Up function has been added, allowing certain Legendary Heroes to deploy paired with another Hero.
  • The Heroes who can appear at 5-star rarity have been adjusted for summoning events featuring new Heroes from this version on.
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