Fire Emblem Heroes Strikes Mobile Devices On February 2nd


Nintendo has revealed Fire Emblem Heroes as their next foray into the mobile market, the free-to-play game helping to introduce their lauded strategy-RPG series to a wider audience.

It will centre around two warring kingdoms embroiled in a bitter clash. As a summoner, players will call upon Fire Emblem heroes plucked from across the history of the series to build their army.

Waging war in strategic tactical battles that have been streamlined for on-the-go play, you will level up both new combatants and legendary heroes. Hero characters may become invaluable allies, while others will instead become enemy generals and rally their own forces against you.

With simply touch and drag controls, players will do battle across bite-sized maps specifically designed to neatly fit on a smartphone screen. Swiping an ally hero over an enemy will initiate an attack and, once you defeat every enemy on a given map, victory will be yours.

These heroes are depicted in new hand-drawn art penned by a variety of illustrators, while their voices have been newly recorded.

Beyond the Main Story mode, other modes promise to help strengthen your army or let you compete against others with “free and timely updates” to add new characters and content over time.

Those interested can pre-register to be notified when the game becomes available to download on Google Play.

Fire Emblem Heroes will release for iPhone, iPad and Android devices on February 2nd. The game will be available for free download with options for additional purchases.

fire emblem heroes screenshot 1

fire emblem heroes screenshot 2

fire emblem heroes screenshot 3

fire emblem heroes screenshot 4

fire emblem heroes screenshot 5

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