Fire Emblem Fates Videos Explore Life On The Front Lines


As Fire Emblem Fates nears release in North America, Nintendo of America have charged in with their Life on the Front Lines video series that delves into the Nintendo 3DS exclusives.

The first episode, The Battle at Hand, explores the differences between the Hoshido and Nohr kingdoms, setting the scene for those that will pick up the latest game from Intelligent Systems. The discussion moves on to battle mechanics, touching on new additions such as Dragon Veins which can be used to deliver area-of-effect damage to enemies or unlock new paths.

Whereas the second episode, Star-Crossed Royals, centres on the roster of characters that players will build relationships with. When relationships build to a certain level, it can spark conversations that build their support level. New classes are also touched on, such as Ninja, Maid, Butler and Songstress.

The third episode will cover My Castle, multiplayer and amiibo support.

Fire Emblem Fates will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS across North America on February 19th, and in Europe in 2016.

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