Final Fantasy Explorers will let you choose between 21 Job Classes


Square Enix has announced that players will have more than 21 different job classes to learn and master in Final Fantasy Explorers.

Most of those in the Nintendo 3DS exclusive will be familiar to those that with any previous experience of their flagship RPG series, and include: Knight, Thief, Dark Knight, Ranger, Bard, Samurai, Ninja, Paladin, Monk, Dragoon, Sage, Machinist, Red Mage, Alchemist, Beast Master, Freelancer, Geomancer, Time Mage, White Mage, Black Mage and Blue Mage.

Each job lends unique abilities and skill sets, and may be switched, combined and levelled – with the western retail release adding the Blue Mage and Samurai jobs that were made available as downloadable content in Japan.

Final Fantasy Explorers will see players adventure solo or with up to three friends as they defeat the realm’s mightiest monsters and gather crystals scattered throughout the world. The planet’s chief source of power, that will see you avert a war as you look to conquer the newly discovered Grand Crystal.

Final Fantasy Explorers will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in North America on January 26th, and in Europe on January 29th.

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