Fend For Yourself In The Flame In The Flood On Nintendo Switch Next Week


Curve Digital and The Molasses Flood have announced that The Flame In The Flood will see release on Nintendo Switch next week.

The backwater adventure through a forgotten post-societal America is a bleak but beautiful rogue-lite that is set upon a treacherous, procedurally generated river.

With the help of your loyal dog, Aesop, the player is cast as the intrepid wanderer, Scout, and must feed and clothe themselves from the land and whatever else you find. That will see you craft equipment and traps, upgrade your makeshift raft, and brave the rapids, as you look to survive the hostile world around you.

“The natural rhythm of The Flame In The Flood—sailing from island to island, gathering resources and hunting wild animals—is a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch,” enthused Forrest Dowling, lead designer on The Flame In The Flood. “Like Scout’s journey of survival, players will be able to shape their story wherever they see fit, be it on the couch, the bus, or even on a boat gently meandering down the Mississippi river.”

“Survival is a tough and draining affair. One lapse in concentration can cause death,” adds Simon Byron, publishing director at Curve Digital. “That’s why we’re so excited about the Nintendo Switch version of The Flame In The Flood. With the portability of the console, players can survive in short bursts and maintain much needed dedication to the task of living.”

The Flame In The Flood will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 12th.

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