Inklings Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Direct March 2018: All The Nintendo Switch News You Need To Know

Nintendo sprung a surprise Nintendo Direct on the world last week, and, for those wanting to make sure that they haven’t missed anything, we’ve summarised all the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo...


VooFoo Studios On Shifting Gear With Mantis Burn Racing On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch has become an increasingly competitive battleground for independent developers, and, while there are enough classic platformers and puzzlers to busy yourselves w...


Taking On The North In My First Pokémon TCG Prerelease Tournament

Take a moment to stand outside, and Beanie Games looks like an unassuming place. Pokémon plush toys playfully look out the window, a shopfront that is otherwise littered with board games, banners for ...


10 Things We Love About Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey will soon let us set out on a globe-trotting adventure with the moustachioed Italian plumber, presenting a whole world to explore that will let us wander neon-lit cities, mysteriou...


Metroid: Samus Returns Preview – The Perfect Counterattack

She’s back. After appearing as a supporting character in Metroid Prime: Federation Force, the legendary bounty hunter Samus Aran once again makes landfall on SR388 to carry out a mission to exte...


Interview: Striking A Chord With The Legend Of Zelda: Symphony Of The Goddesses

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert will resound around The NEC in Birmingham this weekend, as Jason Michael Paul Entertainment’s concert tour returns to the United Kingdom to...

Why Are So Many Gamers Pre-Ordering Nintendo Switch?

Okay, so this may seem like quite an odd question for us to ask, but considering the negative press Nintendo Switch has received since its announcement, it’s a relevant one. The current lack of launch...


10 Details You Missed In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Trailer

With little over a month until we can at long last play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we’ve pored over the trailer that was shown at the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 to uncover d...


5 Reasons Why We’re Excited For Nintendo Switch

Since its reveal, Nintendo Switch has received a mixed reaction from gamers all over the world. Despite its possible flaws, we believe Switch is still something to get pretty excited about, as it offe...

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