Famicom celebrates 30th Anniversary today


July 15th 1983 saw Nintendo unleash their vision for home console entertainment upon the world, through the release of the Famicom (Family Computer Disk System) throughout Japan.

Having launched with arcade ports including Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., and Popeye, the console received a stylish revamp to become the Nintendo Entertainment System before it saw a western release some years later.

Seeing 61.91 million sales worldwide, the rest has naturally become history. Sites regularly proclaiming it as being the greatest console of all time, it birthed new genres and plays home to beloved classics such as Duck Hunt, Excitebike, Final Fantasy, Ice Climber, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros.

Whilst younger generations like myself weren’t around to witness the storm, we’ve long been able to relish in the creative impact that the console has had on the games industry throughout the years.

And so with the Wii U, Nintendo is celebrating by delivering downloadable Famicom titles through the Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign that kicked off earlier in the year.

In spite of all those calling for them to become a third-party developer, we tip our hat today in favour of Nintendo’s legacy. For long may it continue!

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