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Having already graced the Nintendo eShop with perhaps its greatest addition in the form of Pullblox, Intelligent Systems return with a successor that steers their creativity to dizzy heights.

The Japanese developer is no stranger to creating compelling and addictive handheld experiences, and Fallblox proves no different to such hallmark qualities.

We begin by seeing Mallo bundle his way towards Fallblox Park, as Papa Blox’s grand-niece Poppy arrives in a balloon whose flight is powered by a kaleidoscopic rainbow of birds.

Mallo, trying to impress her on her arrival, suddenly scares away all of the birds who fly off into the depths of Fallblox Park nearby. Papa Blox explains that Poppy can’t return home without the birds to carry her back, so it falls to Mallo to ensure that they are each gathered.

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So, needing to right his wrongs, he ventures off into the park to rescue all the birds. These all comfortably settle themselves atop puzzles, known as Fallblox, and it is down to you to manipulate the separate blocks to create a path that will allow you to climb up to collect them.

To do so, you are able to push, pull and slide each block, shifting them around the layered plain. Players can rotate the viewing angle, also being able to grab blocks from each side. As you pull or push any block out of place, any left unsupported, or dangling in mid-air, will fall to the grown – à la the game’s title, Fallblox.

Therefore, this means that it is important for you to take a moment to deduct exactly how you’ll be able to solve each puzzle. Earlier tutorial levels are, as can be expected, relatively straightforward, but you’ll soon see the difficulty ramping up leaving you often feeling bemused. Once you’ve discovered the solution though, there are plenty of ‘Eureka!’ moments that easily encourage progression.

If you ever feel like you’ve made an error, the L Button will soon become your friend. This allows you to rewind time, granting a quick fix, whereas a Reset Switch can be hopped on to return the puzzle to as it first appeared.

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Fallblox Park itself is a primary colour assault on the senses, with stereoscopic 3D visuals presented well. The chirpy soundtrack also serves to calm your frustrations, making an altogether joyous experience for all ages to enjoy.

Beyond completion, you’ll probably be wondering what content will keep you hooked. This comes in the form of Fallblox Studio, a level creation tool that enables you to share your own challenges with others through the use of QR Codes, also allowing you to add theirs to your game. It’s a masterful addition, providing extra longevity that is often absent from such downloadable titles.

Intelligent Systems retain all the qualities of Fallblox’s predecessor, yet expand its foundations in such a way that, despite similarities, resulting in a profoundly different gaming experience. Another digital release that proves to be a must-have, the Nintendo eShop is shaping up very well indeed.

Version Tested: Nintendo 3DS
Review copy provided by Nintendo

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