Ex-GameTrailers Staff Reunite As Easy Allies


Left unemployed after Defy Media made the sudden decision to shutdown GameTrailers, nine former staff members have rallied together to form Easy Allies.

That brings together Brandon Jones, Daniel Bloodworth, Kyle Bosman, Mike Huber, Ian Hinck, Ben Moore, Brad Ellis, Don Casanova, and Michael Damiani, an impressive roster that, while they admit does not mean that any of them are currently employed full-time, has seen them turn to Patreon to place their future in viewers hands.

Having made their announcement earlier this morning, at the time of writing 1,107 patrons have already pledged $10,819 per month which is a great stride toward their ultimate ambition to earn $50,000 per month in order to secure a new studio.

“After years of creating entertainment together online for a specially devoted and enthusiastic audience, the goal of Easy Allies is to keep the party going as long as possible,” they shared. “After closing doors elsewhere, we’re opening new ones here at Patreon.”

As a “collection of gaming content producers who hate being called content producers,” their current plans are to stream weekdays on Twitch and record a weekly podcast as they start out under their new banner. Beyond that, they hope to begin reviewing games again, as well as recording retrospectives and new shows.

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