Evolve To Survive In Sparkle 2: EVO On Nintendo Switch


Forever Entertainment has announced that Sparkle 2: EVO will soon see release on Nintendo Switch.

The game will place you in control of a tiny aquatic creature called a sparkle that you will help climb the evolutional ladder, searching around in the abyss for nutritional elements.

With a minimalistic ambient soundtrack accompanying the surreal visuals, players may soon discover that they will have to fight and outsmart other species to secure their food.

It is down to you to choose how your sparkle will evolve, in whether they become a fast and aggressive carnivore, a sluggish but fast-eating herbivore, or an omnivore that lies somewhere between the two.

You can turn to the GenLab to check your sparkle’s DNA strand to see what special skills it has unlocked, as well as what food to hunt for next.

Sparkle 2: EVO will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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