Evade Bullet Hell In Dodge Hard On Nintendo Switch This October

Dodge Hard Logo

Vanguard and Ikina Games have announced that Dodge Hard will release on Nintendo Switch next month, a bullet hell shooter that stars cute pixel art characters.

With an Auto Lock-On helping you to target your enemies, you can wield more than 300 weapons (such as rockets, shotguns, and smart bullets) and equipment like the dinosaur or nurse mask.

Gaining experience will eventually see you level up, presenting the chance to equip stronger gear to help you topple tougher enemies.

You can activate Dodge Mode by jumping to help avoid enemy bullets, and, while using the mode, you can use a powerful Dodge Attack or counter with a Dodge Barrier.

There’s also the chance to team up with a friend in 2P Play mode, in which they can help you by operating a support robot.

Dodge Hard will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 8th priced at $20.

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