Estranged: The Departure Coming To Nintendo Switch This Year

Estranged: The Departure Screenshot

Alan Edwardes has announced that Estranged: The Departure will release on Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

This first-person adventure game is a standalone sequel to 2014’s Half-Life 2 mod, Estranged: Act I.

It follows the story of a lone fisherman whose ship becomes stranded on a mysterious island after enduring a violent storm.

The island is home to more than it seems at first, and you will experience what it has in store for you as you work to discover more about the secretive Arque Corporation – unravelling a decades-old mystery in the process.

“Estranged: The Departure has been a labour of love for 6 years and has been shaped by its community for the 3 years it was in Steam Early Access,” explains developer Alan Edwardes.

“With humble beginnings as a mod and inspired by titles such as Half-Life: 2, Estranged: The Departure includes traditional first-person shooter themes, with an engaging story and action/adventure gameplay.

“I am very excited to bring it to the Nintendo Switch platform, to allow it to be experienced anywhere, any time.”

Estranged: The Departure will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q4 2020.

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