Escape Your Nightmares In NeverAwake On Nintendo Switch

NeverAwake Logo

Phoenixx and Neotro Inc have announced that their twin-stick shoot ’em up NeverAwake will release on Nintendo Switch this month.

Set in the world of Rem’s horrifying dreams, you must help free the young girl from the literal nightmare prison that she finds herself trapped within. You will be challenged to duck and weave through a colourful, hand-drawn bullet hell while facing her biggest fears whether they be vegetables, dogs, the dentist and everything else that a child can come to dread.

You will have an arsenal of twin-stick weaponry, accessories and upgrades at your disposal that you can use to create the attack patterns needed to overcome 80 different levels and boss battles along the way.

“We knew NeverAwake was a special game the moment we saw it,” explains Phoenixx producer Azusa Kawamura. “Being recognized as one of the top games of 2022 is a dream come true, and we are beyond thrilled to bring NeverAwake to a brand-new audience on Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.”

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Kick the veggies, dentists, and other monsters out of the way and blow away the painful memories of your childhood!
  • A unique worldview set in the “inside of a girl’s nightmare”
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics and animations
  • Unique game rules and high retryability
  • Fast-paced gameplay and powerful boss battles
  • More than 80 levels and dozens of tricky bosses
  • Numerous weapons and accessories, and builds that combine them
  • Great storytelling and multiple endings

NeverAwake will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 19th January 2023.

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