Entire BIT.TRIP SAGA heads to Nintendo 3DS

Aksys Games have today announced that they are to release a compilation featuring the entirety of Gaijin Games’ popular BIT.TRIP series for Nintendo 3DS, titled BIT. TRIP SAGA.

This will include each of the chiptune-infused previously released through the WiiWare service – BIT.TRIP BEAT, CORE, VOID, RUNNER, FATE and FLUX – with additional support for the glasses free stereoscopic 3D capabilities of Nintendo’s latest handheld system.

The publisher writes, “experience the crushing difficulty of the rhythmic galaxies and ride along the long journey with CommanderVideo as he completes his mission and returns… home.”

Aksys are aiming to release Bit.Trip Saga across North America in Summer, with no confirmation yet as to a European release.

Details regarding each individual title are as follows:

BIT.TRIP SAGA includes:


– BIT.TRIP BEAT marks the beginning of CommanderVideo’s epic journey of the soul with:

o Crazy boss battles!
o Ultra-precise controls!
o A Crazy Chiptune-inspired soundtrack!
o Special Chiptune guest star Bit Shifter!
o Classic gameplay with brain-melting visuals!
o Intriguing cut scenes!

– BIT.TRIP CORE is the second installment in CommanderVideo’s soul quest with:

o Beautiful boss battles!
o Classic NES-style controls!
o A thumpin’ Chiptune-inspired soundtrack!
o Special Chiptune Guest Star Bubblyfish!
o Mind-melting challenges!
o Revealing cut scenes!

– BIT.TRIP VOID continues CommanderVideo’s epic journey with:

o Mid-level checkpoints!
o Epic boss battles!
o A rockin’ Chiptune-inspired soundtrack!
o Special Chiptune guest star Nullsleep!
o Synaesthetic music/art/gameplay interaction!
o Hyper-realistic retro cut scenes!

– BIT.TRIP RUNNER marks the first fully character-based adventure for CommanderVideo with:

o Rhythm-based action platforming!
o Boss battles against robotic terrors!
o 50+ challenges!
o Classic NES-style controls!
o A pounding Chiptune-inspired soundtrack!
o Special Chiptune guest star Anamanaguchi!
o New friends for CommanderVideo!

– The BIT.TRIP series comes full-circle with BIT.TRIP FLUX: CommanderVideo’s final adventure.

o New power-ups including the full screen paddle!
o New beat types including Avoid Blobs!
o Mid-level checkpoints!
o Classic BIT.TRIP BEAT gameplay now with all the modes including the new Meta Mode!
o Bit Shifter returns as the Chiptune guest star!

[Thanks, GameSpot]

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