Ender Magnolia: Bloom In The Mist Announced

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Binary Haze Interactive, Adglobe and Live Wire have revealed that Ender Magnolia: Bloom In The Mist is in development for Nintendo Switch.

Decades have passed since the Rain of Death and a new journey awaits in the Land of Fumes, where mystical powers lie beneath the earth. In its desire for conquest, the kingdom created Homunculi, machine-like artificial life forms that are prepared to execute the king’s will. After a resource-harvesting mission goes awry, toxic vapours emerge from underground that drive both man and machine to feral madness.

With the danger that the Homonculi now present, you must guide Lilac – an Attuner with the power to purify those who have been infected by the fumes – on a quest to save the kingdom.

In this sequel to the critically acclaimed dark fantasy Metroidvania fairy tale Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights, you can turn your foes into friends by exorcising corruption from enemy bosses. These friendly machines and spirits will help you fend off mechanised legions of “lunging carcasses, cannonball-firing corpses and chainsaw-wielding goblins” that terrorise the land.

“We teased a sequel to Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights nearly two years ago, and we have received countless requests from our online community for a second adventure,” explains Binary Haze Interactive CEO Hiroyuki Kobayashi. “It is an honour and a pleasure to announce our next title with the help of Nintendo during such a prestigious event. We have much much to share in the very near future, stay tuned!”

Ender Magnolia: Bloom in The Mist will be released digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2024.

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