Elite Beat Agents Could Return on Nintendo NX

elite beat agents image

It has been ten years since Nintendo DS rhythm sensation Elite Beat Agents first saw release, a time in which it has long remained a firm favourite from the handheld’s illustrious software catalogue.

But, despite its popularity, we are still without a sequel. Speaking to Polygon, creator Keiichi Yano explained that there would be a “right time” for it to return.

“I have a great relationship with Nintendo,” Yano shared. “I think, as with many of these types of games that have this following and at some point they come back, I think there will be a right time when it feels like [the series] should come back. A lot of times, the platform will dictate those kind of things.

“I think people have an idea of ‘Well, y’know, if this game was on this platform it would be so perfect, and it could be like this!” I think those are the times when it’s right to have that kind of a comeback. I’d certainly love to make another version for it, and hopefully it’s the next platform.”

We know that Nintendo NX is the next platform that will see release, although, with its reveal promised later this year, it remains unclear as to precisely what the hardware will involve.

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