Electric Blue Nintendo 2DS With New Super Mario Bros. 2 Hits North America

Electric Blue Nintendo 2DS Box Art

Nintendo of America has revealed plans to release an Electric Blue Nintendo 2DS this summer, that will come with New Super Mario Bros. 2 pre-installed.

The new hardware bundle, priced at $79.99, will also include a stylus, AC Adapter, 4GB SDHC Memory Card and 6 AR Cards.

We enjoyed our time with the moustachioed icons Coin-heavy side-scrolling adventure back when it was released in 2012, concluding in our New Super Mario Bros. 2 review: “With little in the way of ‘new’ ideas, New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a solid if a not all too safe entry in the plumber’s repertoire, lacking the spark of imagination and sheer joy conjured up by his [Super Mario] 3D Land outing.”

The Electric Blue Nintendo 2DS Nintendo 2DS New Super Mario Bros. 2 Bundle will release in the United States and Canada this summer.

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