EarthNight Hurtles To Nintendo Switch On December 3rd

EarthNight Key Art

Cleaversoft has confirmed a release date for EarthNight on Nintendo Switch, their procedurally generated, hand-illustrated 2D platformer.

Set in a dystopian future after the dragon apocalypse has occurred, humans have been exiled to space – forced to live in space colonies in orbit above the planet.

However, 14-year-old demon-possessed schoolkid Sydney and sword-wielding freelance photographer Stanley, the game’s heroes, have had enough.

The game has been created as a love letter to classic arcade games, and each run will start from space as you skydive back down to the planet through the monster-infested atmosphere where your goal is to take out as many dragons as possible.

“EarthNight represents seven years of hard work from a collective of talented artists and the final product is something we’re immensely proud to share with everyone,” explains Cleaversoft founder Rich Siegel.

“We hope that Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam players are as excited to hurtle back to Earth and slay dragons as we are to watch them.”

EarthNight will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on December 3rd priced at £12.59 ($14.99).

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