EA PWNED_ Episode 2 now live


Electronic Arts have today released the second episode of their new monthly EA PWNED_ series, offering a unique insight into what goes on behind the scenes across the publisher’s variety of studios.

This month, hosts Sian Welby and Matt Cuttle travel across the world as they head to DICE Studios in Sweden to check out how the team creates sound effects, and then onto Vancouver where they discover how World Heavyweight Champion David Haye’s famous ‘Hayemaker’ and a range of other equally devastating blows are captured for Fight Night Champion.

Following this they then head to Bulletstorm developer, People Can Fly, where they learn about a new weapon within the game known as the Driller, and last but not least they chat to The Sims: Medieval producer, Aaron Cohen, who discusses his greatest gaming achievement.

You can catch the episode below:

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