E3 2017: Capcom Has No Plans To Localise Monster Hunter XX On Nintendo Switch “At This Time”


Update: Making the situation all the more confusing, Capcom has now stepped in on Twitter: “Just to clarify: our official response is we have not announced any plans to localise MHXX at this time.”

Original Story: Capcom has confirmed that it has no plans to localise Monster Hunter XX on Nintendo Switch.

That news, shared with GameSpot, will come as a disappointment to many – especially as the Monster Hunter series has grown to have such a close history with Nintendo in recent years.

There is Nintendo 3DS exclusive Monster Hunter Stories releasing in the coming months, but, it’s a shame that they aren’t prepared to tap into the excitement around Nintendo Switch.

Instead, Capcom appears to want to focus everyone’s attention on Monster Hunter: World. First revealed to the world at the E3 2017 PlayStation Media Showcase, the home console iteration will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One in early 2018, and PC at a later date.

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