DualPenSports revealed for Nintendo 3DS


Namco Bandai have revealed that they are to release DualPenSports for Nintendo 3DS, described as being “the first ever dual touch action sports game.”

Providing the opportunity to engage in a variety of seven unique sports mini-games as well as a host of other challenges, players will be able to employ the use of up to two styluses where their hand co-ordination is sure to challenge them in new ways.

Within the game, there’ll be three main modes to choose from; ‘Sports Select,’ where you’ll be able to participate in ‘Rank Match’ to earn Athlete Points or practice each sport within trials and challenges through ‘Score Try,’ alongside both ‘Daily Challenge,’ or ‘Touch Exercise’ modes.

DualPenSports also allows you to customise your own personal character, allowing you to alter their colour of clothing, appearance and expressions.

Finally, Multiplayer is also available in the form of Local Play allowing you to challenge a friend.

DualPenSports is due to release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, and will release during 2011.

You can catch the first screenshots of the game below, including Archery, Baseball, Boxing and Football sports:

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