Drift Your Way To Victory In All-Star Fruit Racing On Nintendo Switch

All-Star Fruit Racing Artwork

PQube and 3DClouds.it have announced that All-Star Fruit Racing will release on Nintendo Switch, a lightning-fast and action-packed kart racer.

You will drift around looping bends, soar over monumental jumps, and defy gravity on tubular tracks as you look to conquer Career mode, Custom Championships, and other modes to unlock new characters and kart parts along the way.

There are 21 courses that are spread across five worlds – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Special Islands – that will see you scaling volcanoes, racing around giant snakes, and between giant snowballs.

With the chance to redesign, rebuild, and recolour your kart there are more than 32,000 possible combinations to choose between. And then in races, you will need to collect different types of fruit as you fill up the Juicer’s liquid tanks before letting it loose to take out your rivals with devastating fruit-based moves.

While online multiplayer doesn’t appear to be supported on Nintendo Switch, you can take on friends and family in local split-screen multiplayer for up to four players.

All-Star Fruit Racing will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide in July 2018.

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