Dragon Quest Heroes I-II Will Showcase HD Rumble On Nintendo Switch

dragon quest heroes 2 screenshot

With Dragon Quest Heroes I-II will release alongside Nintendo Switch in Japan, and we now have a better understanding at how Square Enix will utilise the console.

robotstart report that the development team has worked hard to implement HD Rumble, even going as far as to let players feel a different vibration suited to each monster. When you slash a Slime it will produce a jelly-like sensation, while whacking a Golem will produce a far more firm vibration. If you are attacking a horde of enemies, this will even allow players to notice if there is a Metal Slime within them.

The visuals will not match the PlayStation 4 version, but Square Enix has listened to feedback from Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below to further adjust the difficulty and game balancing. It has also allowed them a chance to add improvements that have been introduced in the sequel.

Ragnar McRyan from Dragon Quest IV will appear as a new character, while you will face Dragon Quest II’s Malroth as a boss character.

Dragon Quest Heroes I-II will release on Nintendo Switch in Japan on March 3rd.

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