Don’t Get Caught Challenges You To Keep Your “Sexual Activities” Secret

Don't Get Caught Screenshot

Update: Ultimate Games has confirmed that Don’t Get Caught will no longer see release on Nintendo Switch, and that the game’s listing on the Nintendo eShop has since been removed.

Original Story: Ultimate Games has revealed that the unarguably inappropriate Don’t Get Caught will release on Nintendo Switch next week.

Pitched as “a silly and scary first-person stealth game with a twist,” the Nintendo eShop listing warns that it “includes scenes of sexual activities which are inappropriate for younger audiences.”

Whatever could that mean, you wonder? Well, after hitchhiking a ride with a driver who has a creepy-looking doll in his car, your character has a “crazy sensation” to start masturbating while sat on the backseat.

After starting to fap away to unarousing polaroids that your character flicks between, you are challenged to keep beating away without being caught. That threat either comes from the driver who will check on you or the doll that’s sat beside you…

Don’t Get Caught will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 13th July 2020 priced at £7.19.

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