Donkey Kong Country Returns gains T-Shirt pre-order bonus

Nintendo Switch Logo

Donkey Kong fans still looking to place their pre-orders for upcoming Wii instalment Donkey Kong Country Returns may have finally found the item that’ll sway their choice of retailer.

Whilst North America are being tempted by GameStop with a ‘banana pouch’ to house your Wii Remote, UK games specialist GAME are to offer a rather nifty Donkey Kong themed t-shirt to those that pre-order online in advance of the titles release date.

Being distinctly banana-orientated, the t-shirt is yellow with an image of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong on the front and Donkey Kong Country Returns logo on the back – you can catch it below.

Donkey Kong Country Returns is due to release on November 21st within North America, and December 3rd across Europe.

w donkey kong img

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