Do Not Feed The Monkeys 2099 Coming To Nintendo Switch

Do Not Feed The Monkeys 2099 Logo

Fictiorama Studios has confirmed a release date for its “digital voyeur simulator” Do Not Feed The Monkeys 2099 on Nintendo Switch.

In the year 2099, the world has become a “hilariously absurd, retro-futuristic dystopia.” As a member of The Primate Observation Club, you must become a master voyeur as you spy on strangers using security cameras – invading their privacy to observe and analyse every aspect of their frankly bizarre lives.

“It’s so exciting to be working on a Nintendo Switch version of Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099,” enthuses Fictiorama Studios co-founder Luis Oliván. “It’s the perfect audience for our especially quirky digital voyeur simulator and we think, combined with our Steam release, players new and old will love what we’ve got to offer come May 25th.”

The developer has outlined the game’s key features, which include:

A Dystopian Dreamland: It’s 2099, and alien knowledge has caused rapid advancements in technology to the point that big corporations now sponsor planets. Stripped of resources, Earth is now a wasteland and humanity has spread across the galaxy. Humans, robots, and aliens now live side by side.

Spying Tools: The MonkeyVision app helps you manage hidden cameras and monitor cages. Make observations and search the internet to learn more about each subject. Need more cameras? Pick up side jobs for money whilst avoiding that wacky conspiracy theorist next door.

Fresh Technology: Gone are the days of surveillance solitude. OmniPals are artificial intelligence represented by holograms that act as company promoters. They act as another window into the outside world and may offer some other handy functions.

Absolutely No Monkey Feeding: Become familiar with the subjects and you might get the chance to interact with them. Hack security systems, make threatening phone calls, or even put your own flavour in an unusual beverage. But then forget all those things, because that’s against Club rules!

End-Game Content: Once you’ve finished the game, new and exciting features, such as a Fast Forwarding ability or a Free Mode that will allow to keep playing with no specific goals or deadlines, will be available. Who knows what other rewards await you!

Do Not Feed The Monkeys 2099 will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 25th May 2023.

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