Dimension Drive Brings Dual-Screen Bullet Hell To Nintendo Switch


2Awesome Studio has announced that Dimension Drive will see release on Nintendo Switch, a comic book-styled space adventure that is set in a multidimensional universe.

Backed as a Kickstarter project, the team had to relaunch their first campaign after a large pledge that crossed them over the line was found to be fraudulent.

The space shooter has a unique teleportation mechanic that will let players fight on two battlefields at once, resulting in an experience that combines frantic shooting, defence, and puzzling action.

With single player and local co-op game modes, players can unlock weapons by gathering secret data cubes scattered in each level to improve their arsenal before the ultimate fight that their journey leads to.

There are four difficulty modes (Normal, Hard, Extreme and WTF!), and new levels that will be released after launch every two weeks for you to claim your highest score on.

Dimension Drive will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in late 2017.

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