Die By The Blade Slices Nintendo Switch Next Year

Die By The Blade Screenshot

Kwalee, Grindstone and Triple Hill Interactive have confirmed that Die By The Blade will release on Nintendo Switch next year.

Taking inspiration from games such as Bushido Blade, Way of the Samurai and the Dark Souls series, the developers have looked to deliver “a fresh take on the fighting genre where every move counts.”

With seven playable characters that each have their own unique backstories and customisation options, the gameplay experience promises “a unique fusion of fast-paced, sword fighting action with dynamic one-hit-kill combat, diverse weapon playstyles and online multiplayer.”

Each weapon that you can wield defines your character’s moveset, whether that be the “fine precision swing” of the Katana, the “fast, tactile manoeuvrability” of the Wakizashi or the “heavy, brutal rhythm” of the Nodachi.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • One-hit-kill – All it takes is one slice in tense, one-hit-kill based combat.
  • Choose your playstyle – A diverse array of weapons with different movesets.
  • Multiplayer showdowns – Take the battle online with ranked online modes.
  • Customisation – Tailor your character’s style to the way you see fit.
  • Brutal encounters – Dismember your opponents with brutal precision.
  • Welcome to samurai-punk – A unique art style that merges a cyberpunk aesthetic with Japanese-inspired themes.

Die By The Blade will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2023.

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