Did You Know Gaming? Covers Super Smash Bros. Secrets

Builder Mario Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Screenshot

Did You Know Gaming? has covered Super Smash Bros., the mascot brawler remains to be one of Nintendo’s most popular series.

That covers more obscure secrets such as text that’s hidden on the Donkey Kong barrel, a reference to Metroid Prime on the Meta Ridley trophy or the Motion Sensor Bomb being a throwback to GoldenEye 007.

Then there’s Pit exclaiming “I never learned how to read!” in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a reference to a line that he shouts in Kid Icarus Uprising on Nintendo 3DS. And, after Microsoft acquired Rare, Nintendo had to scrap plans for trophies based on characters from their games.

There are more lesser-known facts packed into the video, which you can catch below:

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