Devil Survivor Overclocked patch now available

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked’s anticipated European arrival was soon marred by the discovery of game-breaking glitches.

Publisher Ghostlight rushed to discuss a potential patch with developer Atlus, and they have today confirmed that such a fix is now available to download.

“I’m very pleased and more than a little relieved to be able to tell you that the patch for Devil Survivor Overclocked is now available from the eShop,” Ghostlight’s Ross shared.

“To download the patch, please enter the eShop on your 3DS and then search for Devil Survivor Overclocked. After selecting the Devil Survivor Overclocked ‘patch’ please follow the onscreen instructions.”

Once downloaded you’ll see the game version update to 1.1 on the title screen, with the following issues being addressed:
* The game will no longer freeze when summoning a demon during battle
* The infrequent hang encountered during Auction House ‘Accidents’ has been removed
* Text display errors have been corrected

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