Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut trailer drops


Having late last month confirmed plans to release Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut on Wii U, Square Enix have today released the debut trailer for Eidos Montreal’s critically-acclaimed classic.

This isn’t a half-hearted port either, the publisher enlisting Straight Right to deliver what they describe as being “the best looking Deus Ex available.”

Support for the Wii U GamePad is in full force, being used for hacking, sniper scopes, toolkits, radar and more, alongside entirely new features such as swiping an icon to toss incoming grenades back toward enemies.

Protagonist Adam Jensen receives a new augmentation named the “Tactical Pattern-Recognition System,” seeing players able to view information regarding their surroundings. There’s also the option for Off-TV Play, sneaking around purely on the GamePad.

With Director’s commentaries, a strategy guide, an in-game achievement system, and “Making Of” videos, this is certainly a complete package that Wii U owners will be tempted to snap up.

As to when that’ll be still remains unconfirmed, but previously indicated a May release.

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