Defenders Of The Triforce Escapes To Europe In July


SCRAP has announced that Defenders of the Triforce is coming to Europe, their interactive live puzzle event in which attendees must work in teams to solve a mystery within a given time limit.

With Nintendo’s blessing, this one takes its inspiration from The Legend of Zelda series. The sacred Triforce has fallen into the hands of Ganondorf, and it is down to you to retrieve it. In order to do so, attendees must solve puzzles and find items that will help them succeed in their quest.

This is a story-based escape event rather than a traditional escape room, with teams encouraged to communicate and divide tasks between themselves to solve every puzzle as efficiently as possible. If successful, they will discover the legendary Master Sword and restore balance to the world.

The event will take place at La Carpa en Poble Espanyol in Barcelona (2nd July), at Japan Expo in Paris (6th July – 9th July 2017), London (14th – 16th July 2017) and Cologne (TBD), with tickets available to purchase on the official website.

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