Deface The World In Sludge Life On Nintendo Switch This Spring

Sludge Life Logo

Devolver Digital, Terri Vellmann and Doseone have revealed that Sludge Life is in development for Nintendo Switch.

This promises you a first-person open-world vandalism-centric stroll through a “polluted island full of cranky idiots and a vibe so thick you can taste it.”

You are the upcoming tagger GHOST, a “breezy bandit” who wants to stake their claim among the graffiti elite.

To do so, you must make your way across the corporately branded landscape of a tiny island that’s stuck on a sludge-covered planet.

This will see you link up with other taggers while stealing junk and hearts, with your efforts ultimately rewarding you with one of three endings based on whether you become the king of the island, infiltrate sludge-pumping corporation GLUG, or take the whole island down in flames with you.

Sludge Life will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Spring 2020.

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