Deal Your Cards In Signs Of The Sojourner On Nintendo Switch This Year

Signs Of The Sojourner Screenshot

Echodog Games has announced that Signs of the Sojourner is in development for Nintendo Switch.

This coming-of-age tale is set in a near-future world that has been left ravaged by climate change.

It will explore how relationships can form, break and mend, as, left to look after your mother’s shop after her passing, you set out to explore a land in search of treasures to sell in it.

You will have the chance to join and grow a caravan, playing cards with the characters that you meet or choosing to venture off on your own.

In card encounters your objective is to try and match the symbols for empathy, logic and others which will result in creating friendships, building alliances or introducing new antagonists to the story.

Every conversation that you have will bestow a new experience, changing your deck as you’re asked to leave something behind while moving forwards with something new that you gained from your exchange.

This will ultimately shape your journey, with such conversations leading you down a special path or rewarding you with items to bring home to your shop.

“We each embark on a journey of life, forever changed by the people we meet and the choices we make,” explains lead designer Dyala Kattan-Wright.

“Signs of the Sojourner uses cards to explore communication, personal growth, and how relationships change us in a friendly, accessible way. We can’t wait to see what decks players build from their experiences on this adventure.”

Signs of the Sojourner will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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