Dead End Job Ghoul-B-Gone Trailer Feels Like A Classic 90s Cartoon

Dead End Job Key Art

Headup Games and Ant Workshop have released a new Ghoul-B-Gone trailer for Dead End Job, a frantic, procedurally generated twin-stick shooter that sees you blasting ghosts and sucking them up with your vacuum pack.

You play as Ghoul-B-Gone worker Hector Plasm, with every ghost that you catch, citizen that you rescue and job that you complete to be added to your client’s bill – heading to haunted offices, restaurants and other everyday buildings to free them of unwanted guests.

The expert in paranormal pest control, the company is training you to become Employee of the Month – at which point you will be ready to take on the ghoul that killed your former partner, who now haunts you from beyond the grave.

Dead End Job will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q2 2019.

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