Cypronia and Nexis Games at war over their Wii U Minecraft clones


Cypronia and Nexis Games have waged a war of words, sparked by the rivalry between their desire to replicate Minecraft’s open-ended sandbox experience on Wii U.

This was sparked by a claim by from Nexis Games that UCraft would be “the only one with an actual infinite world generator,” which, when questioned by Cypronia if they were referring to the developer’s own Cube Life: Island Survival, soon descended into madness.

“Your world is 100% static and you pre-load blocks,” Nexis Games replied. “Seems to us you purposely poorly executed the backend of your game in an attempt to beat the comp at the consumers expense.”

Cypronia were surprised at the attempt to provoke them, but clarified: “You are wrong, because Cube Life world is 100% dynamic. You can change every block on it, save it and it will be changed.”

The exchange continued but can be seen to have swayed in favour of Cypronia, whose parting blow was to say: “We want to thank so much to all fans of Nexis Games who supported us by buying Cube Life.”

That thanks is in part to the fact that Cube Life: Island Survival rose up the best-selling games chart on the Nintendo eShop afterward, moving from ninth place to end up in fifth.

Nexis Games have now signalled that their goal is to outshine their competition by topping the chart.

War, it never changes.

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