Cursed To Golf Swings Toward Summer 2022 Release Window

Cursed To Golf Logo

Thunderful and Chuhai Labs have shared a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming golf-like adventure Cursed To Golf, which is coming to Nintendo Switch.

You play as a Cursed Golfer who becomes trapped in Golf Purgatory after a lightning strike stops you dead in your tracks. To make your way back to the land of the living, you will need to overcome 18 dungeon-like holes.

These holes are packed with teleporters, TNT, high-powered fans and other challenges, as well as bosses that you must topple to remove your curse and escape your fate.

You will have access to Ace Cards to help you on your quest, which will let you use world-bending trick shots – letting you stop time, re-adjust shots in mid-air, freeze otherwise hazardous bodies of water and more.

Cursed To Golf will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Summer 2022.

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