Crash Bandicoot Returns In Skylanders Imaginators


Crash Bandicoot was last seen in Nitro Kart 2, but the outlandish character has made a welcome return at E3 2016.

It was announced that the eastern barred bandicoot will appear in Skylanders Imaginators, and, while exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Starter Packs, FamilyGamerTV report that it will be compatible with the Wii U version.

Crash will be a playable Sensei character, calling on a special Sky-Chi power, his spin attack, TNT Crates, and smashing Bazooka Crates for more explosive mayhem. That complete move set will be accompanied by an upgrade path that will continue to delve into his more iconic weapons and items, with Jess Harnell returning to voice the character.

Activison’s background to Crash Bandicoot’s appearance is as below:

A wormhole has opened in Skylands and the great Aku Aku appears! He has come to announce the once-in-two-decades Synchronization Celebration–a time when all of the worlds align perfectly. All the inhabitants of Wumpa Island are having a party and they want to invite the Skylanders. But with Kaos on a quest to take over Skylands using his army of Doomlanders, the Skylanders must focus on stopping his evil plans. Never one to shy away from danger, the legendary marsupial Crash Bandicoot leaps through the wormhole to join the Skylanders in the ultimate battle against Kaos!

Skylanders Imaginators will launch on Wii U in Europe on October 14th and North America on October 16th.

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