Cosmic Horror Metroidvania Lore Finder Coming To Nintendo Switch

Lore Finder Key Art

Dangen Entertainment and Kitsune Games have announced that Lore Finder will release on Nintendo Switch.

This Kickstarter-backed 2D action Metroidvania is described as “a modern queer re-imagining of the cosmic horror genre,” that stars paranormal investigator K.C. Morgan.

You must battle the forces of corruption that are infesting a New England mansion, as you search for your missing father.

Armed with only your wits and an old .38 revolver, you must gather scrolls of forbidden lore. However, the more that you collect, the more warped and twisted the world – and Morgan – becomes.

That will see rooms transform to reveal new surprises as you gain new powers, with non-linear design lending players the freedom to determine how they progress.

Beating the game will unlock Girlfriend mode, letting you play as Morgan’s girlfriend – complete with all-new powers and story.

And then there’s a Speedrun mode with a built-in timer, which will streamline the experience for speedrunners.

Lore Finder will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2019.

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