Coming-Of-Age Adventure Embracelet Hits Nintendo Switch In 2020

Embracelet Screenshot

Machineboy has announced that their coming-of-age adventure Embracelet will release on Nintendo Switch this year.

This puzzle-adventure will deal with family, friendship, love, and loss, as well as a mysterious and magical bracelet.

The story centres on a teenage boy who travels to a small island in northern Norway to learn why his grandfather left.

That will see the boy work to discover the mystery behind a bracelet that can affect the world around him, meeting a community that is “torn between old traditions and new, invasive industries. “

“I grew up in a small village north of the arctic circle, and have always thought the Northern Norwegian setting would be exciting, exotic and interesting to put in a game”, explains developer Mattis Folkestad.

“This is definitely the most ambitious project I’ve ever started. Writing, modelling, animating, programming, composing music – the work can seem endless.

“But I think I’ve found a workflow and an aesthetic that works, and I hope that a singular vision helps the game become meaningful and special.”

Embracelet will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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