Club Nintendo’s new digital rewards until June revealed


After announcing that the reward service will be discontinued worldwide this year, Nintendo of America have now detailed the new digital rewards that you can redeem your hard-earned Coins for.

It’s a distinctly Nintendo offering, with all eight Virtual Console titles being available to claim until 30th June 2015. That includes the likes of Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Metroid, The Legend of Zelda and Super Punch-Out!!, drawing on the company’s esteemed character roster.

Wii U
* Excitebike, Nintendo – 200 Coins
* Super Mario Bros. 2, Nintendo – 200 Coins

Wii (and Wii U through Wii Mode)
* Super Metroid, Nintendo – 250 Coins
* Super Punch-Out!!, Nintendo – 250 Coins

Nintendo 3DS
* Donkey Kong, Nintendo – 150 Coins
* Super Mario Land, Nintendo – 150 Coins
* The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo – 200 Coins
* Wario Land 2, Nintendo – 200 Coins

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