Classically-Styled RPG Shadows Of Adam Scores Nintendo Switch Release

Shadows Of Adam Screenshot

CIRCLE Entertainment and Something Classic Games have announced that Shadows of Adam will release on Nintendo Switch, marking the first time that the classically-styled RPG will be available on a console.

Hidden from the world thanks to the impenetrable haze of the Misty Woods, the village of Adam has mostly lived in peace since the days of the Wraith War. Magic, the dark power that fueled that war has vanished. But darkness is descending once more and Adam’s legendary hero, Orazio, is no more.

10 years ago, Orazio left without explanation and never returned, leaving his son and adopted daughter to wrestle with the dark secret he left behind – a secret that must now be revealed if the children hope to save both Adam and their departed father, though its revelation could unhinge the world.

With a compelling narrative that is woven around the four main characters – Asrael, Kellan, Curtis and Talon – and a fast-paced battle system that uses AP that is restored after each round in battle, Shadows of Adam promises players a classic RPG built for the modern era.

Shadows of Adam will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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