Citizens of Earth arrives with launch week discounts


Delayed long past September, ATLUS have announced that the Nintendo eShop will brace itself for Citizens of Earth‘s arrival next week for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

The modern-day retro-RPG casts you as the newly elected Vice President of the World, returning from your campaign trails to discover that everything’s gone mad. You’ll recruit friends, family and the local town to join your party, as you look to restore order.

Coinciding with the game’s arrival, ATLUS will run a launch week discount. In North America, Citizens of Earth will hit the Nintendo eShop on Tuesday 20th January, reduced by 20 percent to $11.99 until Tuesday 27th January.

Whereas in Europe the game will arrive on Thursday 22nd January, again discounted by 20 percent to €9.59 for a week until Thursday 29th January. In addition, those that buy either version within the same period can also enjoy a cross-platform discount, securing a 40 percent reduction to €7.19.

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