Cheeky Brawler Bare Butt Boxing Coming To Nintendo Switch

Bare Butt Boxing Logo

Tuatara Games has announced that its “comically chaotic multiplayer brawler” Bare Butt Boxing will release on Nintendo Switch next year.

After becoming mesmerised by the sport of boxing, mischievous aliens journey to Earth to mimic their favourite fighters – unaware of Earthen laws, traditions and most of the sport’s rules. Not everything was lost in translation, however.

You will have the chance to battle it out in free-for-all brawls for up to six players in colourful locations from around the world. The perfect charged punch can be lined up to send friends flying across the stage or into other fighters to cause damage chain reactions.

It’s important to “think with your butt, but also your head.” There will be traps, pitfalls and other hazards scattered around each stage, as well as power-ups – such as electric fists, sticky bombs and invulnerability – that can quickly turn a chaotic brawl in your favour.

“Bare Butt Boxing is our ode to the games we loved growing up and the people we loved playing them with,” explains Tuatara Games founder Klemen Lozar. “We hope players will park their butts on the couch, in-person or in spirit, and remember those all-nighters that were pure, chaotic joy with friends and family.”

Bare Butt Boxing will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2023.

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